How to apply for academic credit?

Contact your department advisor to discuss options or independent study credit in whatever way the school is able to arrange it. Let us know if you need additional information or agreements drafted with our program leaders to support your approval for academic credit.

Is there scholarship funding available?

Not directly through Nariku Travel, but we will provide ideas for getting support from your friends and family, and ideas on where to find scholarships and crowdfunding opportunities for expenses.

Can I come for a portion of the program?

Possibly, depending on the duration and dates of the time you would like to join.

Contact Susan@Narikutravel.com to discuss options.

Is there a single or double room alternative to the group housing?

In most locations we can arrange for an individual or double room at an additional cost. For group sleeping arrangements, males and females will be rooming separately, all in separate beds. Your program application form will collect your preferences, and then you will work directly with Susan at Nariku Travel to make arrangements.

Contact Susan@Narikutravel.com with any questions.